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Rumor Has It...

Recently lake area boaters were panicked by an article which predicted that, for a variety of legislative reasons, ethanol-free fuel will not longer be available for boaters! Missouri boaters have been dealing with the mandated ethanol in our fuel supply since 2008. The consensus is that fuel containing ethanol is a very poor choice for boat engines. Check out our Fuel Dock page for a list of recent articles regarding the dangers of ethanol in boat engines. We spoke with Jeff Turner of Lakeland Oil, our fuel supplier. He offered a link to The Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard Act at This displays the actual statute enacted by legislature in 2007. Among other exemptions: Boat fuel sold at Missouri marinas. Jeff questioned the Missouri director of fuel quality regarding our concerns. “There is no legislation pending or to be introduced, in the Missouri legislature, that says anything about repealing this law exempting marinas from ethanol use.” He stated “no worries!” No way we will have to worry about ethanol this year, and probably, never. The feds would have to pass a law relating specifically to marinas, which is highly unlikely.

So, there you have it! Yes, we must be careful and verify that fuel purchased for boats is actually ethanol-free. Yes, marinas can legally sell you fuel containing up to 10% ethanol without informing you! The only way to be 100% sure is to check for the “Ethanol-Free” Dept. of Agriculture sticker on marina fuel dispensers. Miller's Landing will NEVER supply fuel containing any amount of ethanol. Our dispensers will continue to display the “Ethanol-Free” stickers. And no, we do not need to be concerned regarding the availability of ethanol-free fuels now or in the future!